• What is National Service Alliance?

What is National Service Alliance?

National Service Alliance (NSA) is an inter-connected Independent Service Network acting in concert providing excellence in on-site repair service. Manufacturers, Third Party Administrators and Retailers depend on NSA to provide an integrated Service Network — one that brings the call center, warranty provider, parts distributor, technical assistance, the customer, and our valued Service Providers on to the NSA Technology Platform, creating visibility throughout the service experience.

Please enjoy this short introduction video to who we are, and what we do.

Our Story

Built upon the belief that Independent Servicers provide the best service experience possible, a group of forward thinking Service Center owners formed National Service Alliance (NSA). The key goals were to ensure that service remained within the Independent Service community, to simplify service administration and to ensure timely reimbursement. For over 10 years NSA continues to grow and expand throughout multiple industries To this day we remain committed to our Independent Service networks, a simple service administrative process and fair & timely compensation.