• Supply Chain Visibility

A positive repair experience results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.  A positive repair experience is the purpose and goal of all repairs.  Even though the service provider is the contact point for the customer during the repair process, a positive repair experience is dependent upon more than just the service provider.  Customer satisfaction is the natural result of MANY partners in the repair process working together in a well orchestrated effort.  Many repairs require the interaction of the retail dealer, the manufacturer, the parts distributor and often a service contract company.  In the absence of a standard method to automate these interactions, delays are generally measured in days.  These delays cause extreme frustration for the customer.  These delays are compounded when the service provider is required to make several contacts with multiple partners. 

The NSA system interconnects all supply chain partners involved in the support and repair process. This connectivity generates significant efficiencies in the repair process and drives down costs and repair cycle time. Through the portal NSA clients have visibility into the current repair status of each repair and can make real time strategic decisions based on that data. Consumers are kept informed of the progress of their repair throughout the repair cycle via email and through the customer portal thereby minimizing inbound calls and operational expense.

This valuable service shatters the barriers that are inherent in the legacy systems and processes that have been utilized by the consumer electronics service industry for decades.

Immediate access to current repair information is only available through National Service Alliance.