• Service Delay Processing

Many repairs require the service provider to make contact with another entity that has a stake in the repair process for that repair. For example, repair parts occasionally are not available from the manufacturer or parts distributor for an extended period of time. In these situations, the service provider is compelled to make contact with the manufacturer using a manual process.

These manual interactions are very inefficient and often delay some repairs for several days. NSA has created an automated service delay process that automatically presents data regarding the individual repair delay to the appropriate stake holder for immediate visibility. The NSA system also provides an automated process through which the stakeholder can make an immediate decision regarding the resolution of the service delay. The NSA server then forwards the result of the decision to the service provider for immediate action.

This service delay process eliminates the need for manual entry into a third party system. The NSA service delay process eliminates delays due to communication because the system determines service delays on a continuous basis and raises the visibility of the delay to the entity that has the power to resolve it.